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Victoria Bitter (VB) is a lager produced by Carlton & United Breweries, a subsidiary of Foster's Group in Melbourne, Victoria. It was first brewed by Thomas Aitken at Victoria Brewery in 1854, and is a Victorian beer. It is one of the best selling beers in Australia.

Yves mentioned, " Victoria Bitter has no head, no carbonation and no taste of beer whatsoever. Bad apple juice. Probably Australias worst beer. Cant believe I earned an untappd badge for this."


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Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work for, very pathetic,no recognition for hard work.workers not treated well at all..very bad place to work..not at all good.....NothingEverything"

Quality Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worst culture ever. No one seemed to have any incentive to do well and it was like working in a morgue full of dead people. Lifeless. No fun. Everyone just going through the motions to justify getting paid. Ugggghh!!Free beerTerrible management"

CUB - Contractor as Head Draftsperson (Current Employee) says

"Carlton & United Breweries is a very busy business that is always looking to improve it's functionality and strive to be the best in what they do. The people who work there are the most important part of the job. You need to be an independent hard worker to fit in to the culture.well paid and lots expected of staff to excellong hours"

Dry -Goods Asst. Manager & Machine Operator (FMCG) says

"Awesome pay-rates, terrible shifts as it is On-Call Casual through Labor hire ONLY, only way to progress or advance your position in this company is to (on the manufacturing floor) be related/or dating a managers daughter/son... no lifestyle outside due to the fact your ON-CALL 24/7 many a time i'd try to spend the day with my 5 kids and or partner, and BAM.. you need to start as soon as you can get here.. BUT.. the money is really good...Great pay-rates, the other workers are generally friendly and helpful and on-site chef/ social life or home life (for the family man) when it's running hot, no work when it's down season(yes it's seasonal)"

AUSTRALIA Sales and Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Great company but if you are not part of the "in crowd" don't expect to ever have your annual leave approved. Also absolutely no union and any talk of it is stamped out. If employed part time don't ever expect a full time opportunity because its never going to happen.Every friday open bar and monthly free beersPoor Line Managers, In house politics."

Systems Lead (Current Employee) says

"Wonderful company to work for. The working environment is informal with friendly co-workers who will greet and talk to you around every corner. The current challenges is the lack of processes within the organisation and no real growth within the current role I am in.Free BeerNot a fast pace environment"

Business Information Manager - IS (Former Employee) says

"Having worked at Foster's and CUB over many years i can say that for the most part it was a great learning experience. No day was the same and although project work was difficult and sometimes very stressful it was always rewarding.Free beer each month!"

Customer says

"Beers damaged in transit . Happened a few times now . None left in stock so had to get full refund , I think a new courier is needed"

Mark says

"Twice I ordered beer on line only to get a phone call that they didn't actually have the beer in stock.... the second time the chap was rude so Won't waste my time again ."

Chris Smith says

"Still not received my parcel and still had no notification of when it will be arriving. Truly awful customer service, no problem taking my money weeks ago though."

Mike Denyer says

"Actually Beers of Europe provided an excellent service- it was unfortunately the delivery courier DHL who let them down badly. DHL only notify That they will be delivering on day of delivery so if you are out tough !! Still don’t worry they will persist and persist in trying to leave your very heavy parcel with a neighbour- in my case a couple two doors away in their 70’s whom I barely know and whom could barely move parcel because of weight 15kg. !!! Where’s all the Covid precautions!!!! Non existent!! I then had to try and carry the package back to my house !! So Beers of Europe change your delivery company- until you do I won’t be ordering anything further from you which is a real shame as you as a company offer a great service"

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